Snake Bite! – What happens, when it really happens Pt.1


It’s a nice summer’s day, you are walking into the crag, having a good time and chatting with your friends when BAM! You look down and you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as a scaley tail disapears into the underbrush. Did that really just happen? Heck, you probably didn’t even get a good look at it.

If this happened in your backyard, you would sit tight, call an ambulance or get someone to drive you to the emergency room, no problem. But what do you do if you are an hour’s walkout, uphill of the crag you are at? What if you are a day out, with no phone reception? Worse still, what if you fall into one of the above scenarios and you are on holidays in foreign country and you don’t really speak the language?

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Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA

Storyheader_RRG10 days in the Red with traveling climbers and guides, Peta Barrett and Scott Hailstone.

What do you do when you get to one of the most popular sport climbing locations on the east coast of the US, you have only 10 days and the forecast is pending week long thunderstorms? Answer = Climb till your forearms explode, which isn’t very long at the Red as we soon discovered.

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