The Traveling Climber is a website born of the global climbing wanderings and adventures of two Australian climbers and guides, Peta Barrett and Scott Hailstone. During their travels they have made friends with some awesome people and climbed in some amazing places. They have also witnessed alot of potentially avoidable accidents and near-accidents, learned a few tips and tricks and mastered the fine art of living out of a backpack. We look forward to sharing these experiences (and other climbers and travelers points of view) and gleaning some insight into how to avoid some of the traveling climbing pitfalls, what we have learned from them and how to make the most of your own travels and adventures.

The Traveling Climber is not so much about the grade or even the location, it is more about the whole experience of traveling and climbing, whether it is interstate long weekend getaway, a two week blitz-kreig of a overseas climbing Mecca or a long rambling, months on end, pack up your life, dirt bagging expedition.


Peta Barrett

Peta is a fully qualified and experienced trad, multi-pitch, lead climbing guide. Climbing now for nearly 20 years, she also has experience in training both junior and adult climbers for nearly 10 years working as a manager, head coach and course setter at Urban Climb, Brisbane’s leading rock climbing centre. Peta is a climbing guide with Pinnacle Sports, running guided tours and training camps both locally in  Australia and overseas including Kalymnos, Greece and various locations within China.

Peta’s favourite climbing location is her local trad area, Queensland’s Frog Buttress, Mt French in Boonah.


Scott Hailstone

Scott is a qualified assistant climbing guide, a graphic designer and likes to get on a rope and take photos. He has also been climbing for nearly 20 years.

His favourite climbing location is probably Kalymnos, Greece. If there was rolling point break there, he would probably go native and never be seen again.